Charukesi Ramadurai

Freelance journalist from India


Charukesi lives in India and writes (on gender issues, books and arts, culture and travel), photographs (with a sense of ‘vuja de’ – seeing the familiar with new eyes), blogs (blogito ergo sum, she once said in an unguarded moment), faces the book (and is signing up for Facebookers Anonymous whenever that gets rolling), tweets (a blow-hot, blow-cold affair, this one) and travels (or is planning her next trip).

In an earlier avatar, she used to work as a market research consultant – she is a qualitative researcher and ethnographer with 14 years of experience. She got tired of dealing with consumers who wouldn’t proceed beyond monosyllabic grunts and clients who moved in mysterious ways, their blunders to perform. Now she puts her research training and interviewing skills to use in her writing career.

She also drinks copious amounts of filter coffee and has perfected the art of looking busy, especially when in front of her laptop. The fact is, she is preparing for world championship in Tetris (an ancient game, now in danger of being lost to the younger generations). She spends most of her time online and is offended when someone suggests that people she knows through the internet are like imaginary friends (hey! Hobbes is a real person tiger).

She likes – jazz, watching the rain, cryptic crosswords, long road trips, humming old Hindi film songs, people with sunny smiles (though not early in the morning, she hates them then), exotic Martinis, glorious sunsets and P.G.Wodehouse novels. The last, she worships.

She hates – above all, being asked “and what is your real job?”