A time to reflect

Men at work

Actually make that ‘woman at work’… i.e. me. Working from home is great fun – especially when you have several windows open (both on your computer and in your home) – allows me to practise multitasking with great ease.

Multitasking – in less polite company – such as my husband’s, also known as “begging to be distracted” (but he is just jealous – he has to leave for work every morning at 8.15, which is about the time I sit with my coffee and newspapers).

Have some travel coming up later this week – Delhi and Jallandhar (yes, what all people do for a living). Will try to blog whenever possible. The last time I was in Punjab on work (Ludhiana – a few years ago), I went all eagerly hoping to see yellow sunflower fields and Sridevi in yellow chiffons and… you get the gist. Now I am older – and wiser (alright, alright) – and no longer hope to see yellow sunflower fields and Sridevi in yellow chiffon in Punjab.

Maybe just the sunflower fields… Or maybe just Sridevi…

Or just the yellow chiffon? No, let me get back to work now.

And for a better understanding of what being ‘at work’ means, this picture (taken last week at Chembur signal from my car)… (And the next time, you eat your vegetables, think of where they might have been)

Too hot to stay awake

And do have a look at the ‘hard at work’ set on my flickr…

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