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So long as we are telling you what not to do, we thought we may as well tell you this too – do not abuse children


I mean… what?

Spotted across Goa beaches and snapped at Palolem finally…

Snapped in more than one way. Picture this – group of drunk bare-chested, beer-bellied, white under-weared (yuck, don’t even let me get started on this one) Indian men playing leer-leer on the beach. Young white mom in swimsuit and very pretty little girl (not older than six) in pink swimwear playing on the sand, building castles, complete with pink pail and shovel. Men watch for over ten minutes, as they frolick like fat dolphins who have lost their way and landed on the shore, and found paradise there.

Little girl cannot bear the midday heat and takes off top while mom just just gone to fetch a bottle of water. And suddenly one of the men rush towards the girl with camera in hand. I start to scream, hey you cant do that – while mom returns and with a firm shake of her head, refuses to allow the budding photographer to click a picture of the kid.

And before you jump up and tell me how much I am over-reacting, please read this. And this. And many many other such discussions that I keep coming across. And also open your eyes and see the world around you carefully. It must be scary being a parent in today’s world…

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  1. Yunus says:

    Great post with beautiful pictures..

  2. Christina Lobo Jha says:

    I think it is very sensitive of you to address letching at children. More power to you.

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