September 28, 2023

Photography links

Here is a great post by Aditya – who runs Ranthambhore Bagh along with Poonam – on nature photography in India. Lots of useful and practical tips. And when you are there, do go through the archives too for some interesting posts on the tigers of Ranthambhore.


I came across this startling piece of news through Arun’s blog on photography. The UK Government is about to propose restrictions on photography in public places which could make street photography and documentary photography against the law. These proposed changes to the law could result in photographers having to apply for ID cards in order to take pictures in public places. Is this the next (il)logical move in the paranoid world we live in? And what are tourists supposed to do? apply for IDs along with their visa?


And finally, from fabulous flickr, here is a eagerly awaited feature – collections! . From the flickr blog – A collection is a container into which you can place either sets or other collections, allowing you to create a hierarchy as deep as 5 collections. You can place as many of your sets into a collection as you like, and a set can be in as many different collections as you like. This bit of news warms my “organizing and categorizing” heart no end!

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