September 26, 2023

The heart of Incredible India

This is the best state tourism ad I have ever come across… Most states tend to have the same kind of ads, focusing on one monument, one beach, or anything else that is believed to attract visitors. And with a few obvious descriptors. Madhya Pradesh tourism has this neat collage taking the viewer through the length and breadth of the state.

The ad is even better heard (and seen), a singsong listing of the wonders of the state.


It starts off with Til dekho, Taad dekho, Aankhen phad phad dekho, Sher ki dahad dekho, Marble ka pahad dekho, Chanderi ki saadi dekho…. goes on for a whole minute with yeh dekho woh dekho… and finally hindustan ka dil dekho – marrying geogrphy and history and culture and all the rest of it with one line.

The heart of Incredible India.

I love this ad.


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