March 24, 2023

Heart of stone

Photo essay that appeared in the October issue of India Today Travel Plus… A few of the images from this photoessay can be viewed online here

Heart of stone

Don’t believe everything they tell you about Hampi – all those stones do not sing. Some of them speak to you with unmatched eloquence, some others stutter while others stare at you silently, mute witnesses to centuries of destruction wrought by nature and man.

Here among the ruins of the Vijayanagara empire is really the closest you can get to time travel. Watching the sun set from Hemakuta hill, watching the sun set or enclosed in the almost completely destroyed Achutaraya temple, it is possible to close your eyes and imagine that you have been thrown back a few centuries.

Keep your ears open, however, and listen to what the stones are saying. They ask you to return, and you will.

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