February 5, 2023

Many moods of the monks: serious

The silent, introspective poses…

At Rumtek near Gangtok considered the largest and most important monastery in Sikkim…


A few days later, at Pemayangtse monastery near Pelling in West Sikkim, a young monk fills lamps with oil in readiness for the next day’s prayers…

Lighting the lamps

From Mcleodganj, one of my all-time favorites, a monk in prayer…


Another interesting time for monk-watching is during their time of study, an integral part of their day. It is usually a silent and serious activity; this was at Enchey monastery, in Gangtok…


The most fascinating to watch is the Tibetan rhetoric – I saw this in Mcleodganj – where groups of young monks study together in a form of debate. This is the questioner, asking his questions, with a clap, a slight jump, slight flourish. And the other student, the answerer so to say, sitting before him trying to respond. There is usually a lot of noise and energy around this – I caught them here in a quieter moment…


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7 thoughts on “Many moods of the monks: serious

  1. Wow! That monk in prayer shot is simply priceless. The long corridor, the columns, the misty greenish-blue mountain beyond, the prayer pose of the monk all add to an overwhelming ambiance of serenity. I can understand why it is one your all time favorite!


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