July 13, 2024

Why ‘Itchy Feet’

So far, I have not felt the need to tell you. I assumed – please tell me, rightly – that if you are a regular reader of a blog called Itchy Feet, then you long for the great outdoors as much as I do. And something happened today that made me want to explain.

Here it is – to the person who arrived here looking for ‘ugly new born turkey pictures’. First of all, why? Of all things bright and beautiful that there are to see, why would you want to search for the u.n.b.t.? But then, who am I to question you? People have been known to search for weirder things – ‘the meaning of life’ instantly springs to mind.

But I digress. The tag ‘Turkey’ in this blog does not, let me repeat- does not, refer to the fat birds that find their sorry way to the kitchens and subsequently, plates of a million well-fed Americans late in the year. It refers to the country whose star attraction Istanbul straddles Asia and Europe and which is edging speedily into the European Union. A country I fell in love with and dream of going back to, the first chance I get. Which is why I keep writing about it.

So, my suggestion is, stop looking for food / bird porn and find better things to do with your time.

You too, people who come here every.single.day. looking for a solution for your health and hygiene problems. ‘Special meanings to feet itching’? – it is time to get a new pair of socks. And wash them frequently. And try specialist products – I recommend Dr. Scholls’. Ditto for he who comes here because ‘my feet itch after i stand for long periods’. Sit down, man.

As for you, seeking ‘itchy souls of feet’, what can I tell you, the ultimate seeker?

17 thoughts on “Why ‘Itchy Feet’

  1. Lol…oh dear, the health problem solution seekers are a bit inevitable, aren’t they? And now I just have to search for ugly newborn turkeys to see what the fuss is about. 🙂

  2. this reminds me of a feet post i made where i posted some nice shoes and feet pic. and people started posting feet porn comments there! had to take it down finally! 🙂

    however, food porn?!!

  3. Awesome! This post made me spit out coffee and laugh out loud in my office this morning. 🙂

    I get some really odd searches directed to my site as well. Just looking at the list from last month: “are millipedes poisonous”, “scary owls”, “buff women tube” and “how to built a turkey perch” all jump out as rather odd.

    I guess the internet is just full of bored, weird people, who can’t spell, and have itchy feet!

  4. @all – what is with the turkey and feet motif across blogs, I cannot fathom!

    anindita, true – you can’t keep the weirdos away – and who wants to – they make blogging more interesting 🙂

    anita, alright, bird porn, if you cannot stomach (heh!) food porn – but who can say what goes on out there?

    gopal, 🙂 to you too!

    lakshmi, oh yes, that is the rationale behind this blog’s name – to advertise feet spa services 🙂

    uttara – but what did you do to attract those?!

    Kate, 🙂 turkeys again!

    Vamsee, oh, what we put on the internet and what that leads to, who can say?!

  5. This is a real funny take on your search string statistics! 😀
    That reminds me of one of the most recent and weird search result that landed on my blog – “a real snake with 5 heads found near kukke subramanya ” – seriously what all do people search for!

  6. Lol … am sure their feet itches even more the moment they see your posts. 🙂
    Loved your post on the Angkor Vat … a little different from the usual … and naturally interesting.

  7. Oh, and I thought it’s gonna be a serious post explaining us why ! but what an entertainment !

    These days I get hordes of visitors looking for hot Tamil actresses. 😛

  8. Sharmila, if the travel-crazy types are reading this blog and develop itchy feet, am thrilled – as for the others…

    Anu, 🙂 – am sure all of us have such search stories – the wonder of google!

    Nisha, why, this *is* a serious post 🙂

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