September 28, 2022


Photographyonthemove has an exhibition on at Toscano at the Forum Value Mall in Whitefield and one of my photographs from Hampi is on display there. I made the long trek down yesterday to see my photograph the exhibition and proceeded to annoy the lives out of my lunch companions.

You’d think atleast one of them – the husband – would be used to it by now (he is, to an extent – he handed out the lens and held the camera bag with a patient look – just that he had a sympathetic audience for once and overdid the ‘suffering indulgence’ theme).

(the man standing outside? that’s him…)

Anyway. Here then are some images from the exhibition – very glad to see a few old favourites there… and a few from my favourite photographers from those I know from the Hampi trip (Sanjit, Kay, that means you!).

(Hover on the pics to see photographer’s name or more details)

Toscano is a cheerful place, all sunlight and warmth – however, that meant that I had a terrible time taking photographs, white sunlight spilling in from everywhere and distracting reflections on the glass. I tried pretty much everything, just stopping at asking people to get up from their seats and lunch so I could see if I could get a better pic from that location.

A couple of frames from above and most of the ones below are from the Goa carnival and the Alleppy boat race. Goa, next Feb; Alleppy, this August!

And oh, the food is excellent, the service is friendly and the place is warm and inviting – so even if you live far far away, do head to Whitefield now.

I liked the overall display – quiet and informal – a great job, you goya guys! Sups and gang, take a bow.

5 thoughts on “Framed!

  1. Superb blog. Lovely pictures.

    I was at the Modern Art Gallery on Palace Road this afternoon, where they have some (three) brilliant photographs by Raghu Rai.

    Thanks for pointing out PhotoGraphy On the Move.

  2. Supriya, 🙂

    RB, not sure – I think they do host photography / painting exhibitions – also workshops…

    Shashikiran, thank you! check out their website or facebook page…

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