July 13, 2024

A Lalbagh evening

Bangalore does not fascinate me the way Bombay does – in my first few months here, I rarely took my camera out. I am fast remedying that by visiting the local markets – Gandhi Bazaar and City Market (watch this space) ticked off so far. And last week, I headed to Lalbagh one evening lured by the promise of a windy evening in the park. Plus I wanted to take my new Canon 50 mm lens (ahem!) out for a walk. Lalbagh bore the unmistakable signs of summer – brown leaves, dry grounds and raw mango sellers.

Summer's here

It is times like these – blue skies, cool breeze, blooming gulmohar trees – that makes living in Bangalore worth it.

Chase those blues away

I love it about parks that people find them great places for that undisturbed afternoon siesta. I am told I caused a lot of merriment by clicking away at this sleeping figure – I do not like to think of the possibility that this man could have suddenly woken up and asked what I thought I was doing…

A clear conscience

I saw these boards everywhere that irked me no end – what do you mean no playing in the park? Reminded me of this definition of puritanism by Henry Mencken – the haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy. I was happy to see kids flouting this senseless rule and having a great time just running around making a lot of noise in the open – football or no football.

A Lalbagh evening

And finally this – from another time, another season in the park…

Under a sky of flowers...

11 thoughts on “A Lalbagh evening

  1. Beautiful! it reminds me of my childhood visits to blore which were always accompanied by visits to lalbagh and kabban park… and these days, no one seems to want to go there, at least in my family… i am waiting for a leisurely trip when i can take my son to these beautiful parks, the likes of which he can never see in bbay!

  2. Anu, the parks are what I love about Bangalore – and fortunately I live close to both Lalbagh and Cubbon park. and yes, Bombay lacks such open spaces (there is always the sea – not not much greenery)

    Uttara, thank you 🙂

  3. Wow, your photos transported me to my childhood. Those mangoes are called thotapuri mangoes ( shaped like a parrots beak) in kannada. I remember those bougainvillae canopies too. My house was just a km away from lalbagh west gate. beautiful clicks.

  4. Great pics, especially the second one: blue sky, Gulmohar trees and the Sun piercing through. Do visit my travel blog sometime!

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