September 26, 2023

It’s all about the language, lah!

Language in Malaysia is very interesting – the way they have picked up the best bits from other languages and added them to their own Bahasa. And I am not saying this simply because I got cheap thrills out of hearing Malays and Chinese alike say Aiyyo! whenever dismay strikes. I like it that they have kept their language simple – and phonetic. So there are familiar words spelt differently (and seems to be, for the better) – kolej, otomotif, poskode, farmasi, impak, restoran.

On the other hand, the language is sometimes unimaginative, especially when it comes to names of places – Kuala Lumpur itself means ‘muddy confluence’. And take their gorgeous National Park Taman Negara – it means Park National – surely someone could think of something more exciting for a 130 million year old rainforest?

On yet another hand (heh!), I came across one of the prettiest phrases ever – Terima Kasih for thank you – translates into ‘receive my love’ – what an absolutely lovely, evocative meaning. I oohed and aahed when I heard about it.

And then I went and spoilt it thus. When my Indian friend in KL said Terima Kasih to me, I replied, Meri ma theek hai. Terima Kasih?

2 thoughts on “It’s all about the language, lah!

  1. Yes. The Malay bhasha is pretty interesting. I have been blogging about Malaysia for quite sometime. People, places, language… all…

    So, did you like jus Tembikai? or content with teh tarik? 🙂

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