September 28, 2023

Malaysia window dressing


Covered heads and bare legs – the paradox that is Malaysia.

I love such cultures which have space for contradictions to exist peacefully together, even if not such extremes. I saw this in Turkey as well – Asian and European, modern and traditional, the hijab and the mini-skirt side by side. Whatever the tension simmering under the surface, on the streets, there is a sense of these elements coming together like pieces of a puzzle.

2 thoughts on “Malaysia window dressing

  1. Left to themselves, I am sure people can live together amicably with their own beliefs and way of life… Its only politicians and their like who incite people and highlight the differences and try to widen the gap.

    1. Anu, I agree – when there is a conflict, it is usually politically motivated – differences created and highlighted where none really exist… such a sad thing…

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