July 13, 2024

Do Re Mi at Antwerp Station

I have a big smile on my face this morning. Not that I woke up smiling. I never do, el grumpo is what I am when I wake up. This morning, I opened my mail to see this forward – a flash mob dancing to do-re-mi at the Antwerp Central Station.

Now flash mobs are usually not associated with happy things – look at what’s happening in the UK right now. Why, any mob is bad news – what do they say about a mob having many heads but no brains?

Anyway. Not this one. A group of 200 dancers suddenly spring into action at the Antwerp Station to the tunes of do-re-mi. Lovely, lovely!

Take a look – and believe me, you will be smiling too at the end of it…

And by the way, Antwerp Station itself is a beautiful place – grand and imposing and very ver old Europe. One of the ten must-see railway stations in the world, according to something I read long ago. The husband, who is a confirmed fan of train travel, was thrilled to be there…

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