June 5, 2023

A photo show in Paris

I happened to read about the Femmes Eternelles photography show in Paris when I visited the city earlier this April. It was a collection of 80 portraits of women from all over the world by French photographer Olivier Martel. It said the venue was the railings of the Luxembourg Gardens – I had no idea where or what the railings were. And as it happened, nor did the staff at the park.

So we walked round and round the park, trying to find the venue, very sure that someone somewhere would know about such an exhibition. And just as we walked out in dismay at not finding it, we found it. The exhibition was just where it was supposed to be – on the railings that formed the fence of the park. There were scenes of women from Tunisia and Morocco to Russia and China. And in that evening light, the photographs were stunning – the best were those which seemed to fade into or melt into the surrounding greens or deep oranges.

Here are some of my favourites from the show:

In all this, India was a disappointment – a picture of giggly girls at the Miss India contest!

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