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  1. I loved this pic. One of my favourite parts of Ahmedabad it is in. 🙂
    I posted a similar picture of the jali recently on my blog: https://thegalnxtdoor.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/snapshots-from-ahmedabad/

    1. charukesi says:

      TGND, I wish I’d got to walk around that part of Ahmedabad – pity I just had time to zip in and out of here

  2. sarahsalmon says:

    What a beautiful photo. During my 8 years in India I never got to Ahmedabad.

    1. charukesi says:

      Sarah, old Ahmedabad has a lot of charm. but what am I saying – I was a student there for two years and never explored the old city 🙁

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