October 4, 2023

Portraits from Kutch

Last December, we spent a week in Kutch, around the time of the Rann Utsav. The Utsav itself was nothing great but we had a fabulous time at the Devpur homestay and the villages we visited. The women were especially fascinating – friendly, yet shy. Perhaps that shyness was their biggest charm. I have lots coming up on the Kutch trip but for now, a few faces…





12 thoughts on “Portraits from Kutch

  1. Mesmerising pics, especially the last one! 🙂
    Kachchh is one more place that I have always wanted to go to, but never got around to doing, in spite of having lived in Ahmedabad for 25 years. No, I am not very proud of the fact. 🙁

  2. Beautiful pics! i love the last one, as well as the one with drinking chai. thats so typical! reminds me of the time samhith saw someone drinking chai like that somewhere in chennai, tried it, and decided the chai was tastier that way!

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