June 5, 2023

Friday photo: Mango

‘Tis the season for joy. Joy that comes in golden yellow and sweet as nectar packages…

The season is over...

Or, bright green and sour enough to make you pucker your lips and scrunch your eyes. Till they turn into fiery red pickles that light up your taste buds for the rest of the year…

The mango design

Take your pick. After all:

The choicest fruit of Hindustan,
For garden’s pride the mango is sought;
Ere ripe, other fruits to cut we ban,
But mango serves us ripe or not.

~ Amir Khusrau, 13th-century Sufi poet

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2 thoughts on “Friday photo: Mango

  1. Wish we get such fresh Indian Mangoes here. By the time they reach the Middle east, they are old and have lost their firmness.

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