October 2, 2023

Friday photo: Madurai

I was in Madurai last weekend on week, when I stayed at the lovely Heritage (more on it soon), went on food walks and explored the streets around the temple. This was possibly my tenth visit to this city and I enjoyed it as much as I did my first. The only thing that has changed is the paranoia around the temple itself – the tight security and the cameras prohibited inside the temple. This photo is from an earlier, easier time.

This is one of my favourite experiences in Madurai – walking inside the Meenakshi temple, watching the devotees and taking in the light that seems almost divine at times…


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7 thoughts on “Friday photo: Madurai

  1. Awesome picture. I did visit Madurai temple when I was in the 9th standard, but those days I thought Madurai (and any place outside the metros, for that matter) was provincial and ‘not cool’, and wasn’t exactly appreciative of its architectural delights. Entirely my loss.

  2. Lovely pic! I have never been to Madurai.. would love to go sometime.

    I didn’t know about the history of Meenakshi.. thanks for enlightening me. 🙂

    The Heritage looks like an awesome place!

    1. hey, your list just keeps growing longer and longer. When are you going to start ticking off from the list? 🙂
      And yes, Heritage is gorgeous property – will blog about it soon.

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