July 13, 2024

Snow in Gulmarg

I just got back from a quick trip to Gulmarg, where I stayed at The Khyber. This resort bowled me over, with its stunning location facing the snow-clad mountains (more coming up on this soon).

When I checked into The Khyber earlier this week, the real snow – and therefore, ski – season had not started in Gulmarg. I could see some snow on the resort grounds and had a clear view of the mountains in the distance. And then, a couple of days later (and luckily, a day before I was to leave), it began to snow. And I woke up to a beautiful white blanket of snow all around me.

I think it is best captured in these Before and After photos – taken at roughly the same time in the morning on two respective days.





4 thoughts on “Snow in Gulmarg

  1. Hi Charu,

    A new reader of your blog and you definitely have me hooked. It’s well past midnight here and I’m laughing away reading about your experience at the Wagah border.

    Keep writing and inspiring !!

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