October 4, 2023

Friendly faces from Oman

Oman was an absolutely delightful discovery – a heady mix lush greens, aquamarine blues and sandy browns, interesting history and architecture, and above all, friendly people. Every one of these aspects was a revelation to me, since I went to Oman not knowing what to expect.

Our guide-drive Fahad, with his soft voice and gentle smile, turned out to be a mine of information about local culture and way of life. He was also happy enough to pose for my camera in places where I needed a human element to break the stark brown hues. Fahad will always remain one of my all-time favourite fashion models!

People were usually happy to be photographed, as long as I asked them first – of course, it was tricky with women, so I didn’t push it except for places where I knew they did not object. Of course, I couldn’t resist a few stolen moments, but these were rare.

Here then, a few of my favourite faces from my recent trip to Oman:

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