Friday photo: one for the birds

Late this August, I went on a week long cruise on the Norwegian Getaway around the Gulf of Mexico, with pit stops in Honduras, Belize and Mexico along the way. At each of these ports, I got off the massive cruise liner and went on a shore excursion.

The first stop – Roatan Bay in Honduras, where I chose a walk in the Gumbalima Park, before heading to the very pretty Tabayana beach for a few hours of blue infinity. This park is a reserve for the country’s endemic animal and bird life, including iguanas, colourful parakeets and quetzels and Capuchin monkeys. And the animals / birds are trained to perch on the shoulders of visitors who want their photo taken.

Duh, who wouldn’t?

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this photo! So colorful! Glad to see you enjoyed Honduras!

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