Friday photo: Gokarna

If you’ve been to Gokarna in the last few years, you may have come across this bookshop. I was lucky enough to be passing by when the German artist was painting this on the outer wall. Also see: Friday photo series

Friday photo: Badami

This Friday, an image from Badami, the north Karnataka town famous for its rock cut temples, along with Aihole and Pattadakkal. It could actually be a scene from anywhere in India. Also see: Friday photo series

The whispering dome

The bunch of teenagers, cheerful in their bright shirts and floppy pants, step into the gallery and stand silent in awe for a few seconds. Just a few seconds. Then one of them shouts ‘ho’ at the top of his voice and the echo is heard all over the quiet monument. And then the cacophony…

The road to Ooty

Almost as lovely as being in Ooty itself is the drive there from Bangalore. The route goes through the forests of Bandipur and Mudumalai and then briefly past Masinagudi before the climb up the Nilgiris. Plastic is banned through most of this route – you tell me, is there a way to ban those morons…

The stillness of history

Not far from Mysore, the Keshava temple at Somnathpur, built in the 13th century by the Hoysala dynasty, is the lesser known cousin of the more famous temples from the same era at Belur and Halebid. I was there on a Sunday morning and found that I had the temple to myself for almost an…

Hampi: more than ruins

Published in HT Cafe this Saturday… The colour of Hampi is sepia. Not the soft sepia of fading and happy memories but a sharp brown that seeps into all your senses and dulls them after a while. It is the colour of the dry earth, the imposing hills and the precarious rocks of the region….

A day at Melkote

Melkote is a small temple town, just over 150 km – two hours drive – from Bangalore. It is home to a couple of Narasimha temples, a large Iyengar community and lip-smacking puliyogare (tamarind rice, for you unenlightened souls, but calling it that really takes away from the drop-dead spicy yumminess of it). We’d heard…