You can contact me for writing and blogging assignments at charukesi (at) – you can read more about me and see my portfolio here

I am also always happy to hear from people who have taken the time to drop by this blog. Unless you are selling er, enhancement tools or offering me no-strings-attached money from Nigeria. Nothing personal, mind you.

I am also not interested in advertising on this blog or link exchanges of any kind. So please do not write to me with such offers.

The rest of you, please email me at charukesi (at) gmail dot com and I promise to write back as soon as possible.

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Comments policy

If you like what you see here, do leave a comment or three. Please know that personal / nasty comments will be immediately deleted. So will comments that feel remotely like spam, including those with a list of websites or urls, and unreasonably lengthy ones.

I do not like to get into protracted debates (I do, actually, but not with you) on this blog on political or even personal views – it is just not meant to be that kind of space.

Keep dropping by!


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