Hampi: more than ruins

Published in HT Cafe this Saturday… The colour of Hampi is sepia. Not the soft sepia of fading and happy memories but a sharp brown that seeps into all your senses and dulls them after a while. It is the colour of the dry earth, the imposing hills and the precarious rocks of the region….

Stories in stone

The story of Hampi is the story of stone. You disagree? You think it is sacrilege to reduce the heady might and valour of the Vijayanagara kings to the passivity of stone? Stone – inanimate, indifferent and cold? No, it is true. In Hampi, the stones tell you more interesting stories than your guide ever…

Future tense

In Shekhawati, the future looks at the past… Update: or, the past and future look at each other, as Arun says in a comment. I have also changed the title of the post to ‘Future Tense’ as a nod to the deplorable state of many of the mansions / frescoes in Shekhawati.

United colours of Hampi

Back from Hampi – tired, tanned and happy! I will work on a more detailed post soon, but for now, soak in the colour and character of Hampi market. And the doors and windows! Have a nice week! Come back soon for the faces of Hampi.

Off to Hampi!

I am off to Hampi for a photography workshop conducted by the getoffurass guys. I’ve been to Hampi before and knew I wanted to go back. And not just because of this ‘from the heart’ message! For now: More photographs from Hampi – and ‘My heart is in Hampi‘ from long ago.

Welcome to Somnathpur

The Keshava temple at Somnathpur, built in 1268 A.D. by the Hoysalas is the quieter cousin of the more famous temples from the same era at Belur and Halebidu. This Sunday morning, I have the temple to myself for almost an hour; no tourists, no noise, only the quiet stillness of history.

Chola! and thanks for all the bronze

I had sent this titled – Chola! and thanks for all the bronze… it appeared on March 14th in HT Cafe as Temples of a dynasty… Here is the original version. Long after I returned from Thanjavur, I kept telling friends, the cholas were dudes. Most predictably gave me strange looks but there were a…