Charukesi Ramadurai

Freelance journalist from India

gender and development

~ No swearing please, we are Indian – swearing but without the misogyny
– Nikkei Asian Review, June 16, 2021

~ How the Lost Food Project feeds the hungry – tackling nutritional poverty and pollution at one go
– Nikkei Asian Review, May 12, 2021

~ A taste of home – how the Meaningful Meals project creates income for Afghan refugees in Malaysia
– Christian Science Monitor, November 05, 2020

~ What the death of a Bollywood star says about life in Modi’s India – the Indian PM is hiding behind a smokescreen of fake news
– Nikkei Asian Review, September 21, 2020

~ Indian Matchmaking: what’s all the hate about? – this reality show has divided audiences
– BBC Culture, August 10, 2020

~ How Indian courts are failing rape victims – judges are passing moral judgements on rape victims
– Nikkei Asian Review, July 20, 2020

~ A name change is not enough – there is nothing fair or lovely about skin lightening products
– Nikkei Asian Review, July 03, 2020

~ No country for women – grappling with the sexual violence spate in India
– A, January 2020

~ When care spirals out of control – starting a conversation about intimate partner violence in India
– The Economist (Prospero), August 09, 2017

~ Out of the closet and on to the internet – a peek into the Gaysi website that is transforming India’s queer scene
– The Guardian, May 29, 2017

~ When songs from rural grind mills make it online – the story of PARI
– Mint on Sunday, March 26, 2017

~ A word with P Sainath – interview with the veteran development journalist
– New Internationalist, April 2017

~ A few good men – A slice of Incredible India, against the background of all the bad news
– The Practice, January 2015

~ From rags to napkins – South Indian entrepreneur makes low cost sanitary napkins for rural women
– Green Futures, March 08, 2014

~ Training for success – Taking the train to social entrepreneurship projects in India
– Green Futures, January 2014

~ Journey of awakening – 9000 kilometres across India on a train, towards enterprise-led development
– The Economist (Schumpeter), December 23, 2013

~ India’s mobile school for the blind – In Kerala, school goes home to those visually impaired
– The Guardian, August 29, 2013

~ Ring the bell to end domestic violence – a campaign urges onlookers to not turn a blind eye to domestic violence
– The Cultureist, May 2013

~ India discovers the vagina – from fairness to freshness, there is now a product for every vaginal need
– The Women’s International Perspective, February 04, 2013

~ Dial 108 for ambulance in Tamil Nadu – Tamil Nadu’s efficient emergency ambulance service
– The New York Times (India Ink), June 12, 2012

~ Tamilnadu’s cradle baby scheme – Is leaving unwanted baby girls in a cradle the best way to combat female infanticide?
– First Post, Feb 26, 2012