Charukesi Ramadurai

Freelance journalist : India | Malaysia


~ No Mughals for India – Islamic history is being erased by India’s rightwing government
– South China Morning Post, October 09, 2020

~ India has been failing its women – the brutality of sexual violence in India is worrying
– Nikkei Asia Review, October 03, 2020

~ What the death of a Bollywood star says about life in Modi’s India – the Indian PM is hiding behind a smokescreen of fake news
– Nikkei Asian Review, September 21, 2020

~ How Indian courts are failing rape victims – judges are passing moral judgements on rape victims
– Nikkei Asian Review, July 20, 2020

~ A name change is not enough – there is nothing fair or lovely about skin lightening products
– Nikkei Asian Review, July 03, 2020