October 17, 2021

Private beaches

There is a program on Discovery Travel and Living called Top Secret beaches – well, I just found some of my own – we started with all intentions of driving to Goa – but ended up at other beaches on the way – all of them beautiful and mostly quiet – secluded enough to be your own private top secret one….

The first stop was at Harihareshwar – a small temple town by the sea…

View from the top


Then Ganpatiphule – the sand dunes of Ganpati – crowded just around the temple area but very quiet as you walk away to find your own space… And Ratnagiri – of mangoes and the Burmese connection – if you have read Amitav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace – and spectacular views of the sea crashing against the rocks – from the ruined fort…


And the best at last – Tarkarli – Maharashtra tourism’s proud discovery – Tarkarli is fine sand, clear waters, lazing on hammocks, millions of stars on the sky at night – and lots of seafood for those so inclined… and boat rides on the backwaters – coconut trees, enough blues and greens to compete with god’s own colours… and the backwaters leading to more private beaches….


MTDC has cottages on the beach – and I mean right on the beach – expect no great service but great views and you will be happy there…

More photographs on flickr…. do have a look sometime…

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