July 13, 2024

I dream of Burma…

I had never thought of Burma (or Myanmar) as a country I would ever want to visit – and then I came across Anna Pagnacco’s photographs on Burma on flickr and then pbase – I dreamt of Burma. And within a week, I found Manuel Librodo on pbase and found myself spending hours on his photographs – among them this set – Myanmar : heartbeat of gentle people. And then I began to dream of traveling to Burma… (I cannot urge you strongly enough to visit these two galleries – go fall in love. Go on.)

Amitav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace did not do that for me – these photographs by “unknowns” did. And I did a double take when I read Burma Shell on Prufrock’s Page; I want to read more on Myanmar now.

I thought of this today when I read Arun’s Angkor dream. Since the days I saw McCurry’s photos of Angkor a year ago, I have been dreaming of Siem Reap.

So I wonder… have you come across anything – books, photographs, travel articles or just someone talking about it that have made you long to visit a place? Perhaps a place that you had never heard of, or considered seriously every before… And may ever just remain a dream – for various reasons. Personally, Burma would be way down my list of countries I would visit, even if I had the money and time… there is just too much competition out there. But I know the dream remains… And who knows, perhaps some day my camera and I will find our way there…

Apu writes about this in Fictional Guides to Travel; Apu, is Africa on your list now?

So what are your travel dreams? And what made you start dreaming? Has any place called out to you this way? I would love to know…

16 thoughts on “I dream of Burma…

  1. Me dreaming of Tierra del Fuego and a cruise around the South American Peninsula, Machu Pichu in Peru and Mongolia.

    Blame National Geographic for all of my travel dreams and bills.

  2. i’ve always wanted to visit ireland.
    Is it dorky that when I see travel ads for it it makes me want to cry?
    It’s where my great-great-grandfather came from, and my Grandmother went about five years ago. I figure I’ll be the most financially stable in my generation to Go- so it’s one of the Big Ones on my list.

  3. the biggest thing on my list are the Himalayas and I hope that i will never take it out of my list as i want to keep visiting it! The other place would be Hampi in karnataka. I hope I will visit these two place at least once this year.

  4. I am dying to visit the Valley of flowers…I don’t know whether it will live upto my rather high expectations !

    Also visit Africa for some kickass wildlife photography (after I buy my DSLR,)

    And ofcourse visit Japan to soak in the language (read: catch hold of any half way willing Japanese person for forced conversations) and survive on soba, udon,ramen (various words for noodles) and abura age (the only vegan Japanese dish that I know of) and hopefully lose oodles of weight.

  5. I dream of …. Africa thanks to Ryszard Kapuściński… of London in the 20s and 30s thanks to Wodehouse and Waugh… and Macondo – if it existed I would catch the next plane out!

  6. The Serengetti…..in Tanzania.

    Too many hours of my childhood were spent watching nature documentaries.

    Tibet is another place I’d like to see. Super tall, starkly barren yet beautiful mountains reaching for the skies.

  7. Suj, yeah, I know… the Nat Geo should come with a statutory warning! this is just what these photography sites are doing to me… but South America is way too expensive for me…

    kittymao – good luck! “Is it dorky that when I see travel ads for it it makes me want to cry?” – not at all – you’re telling me?!

    anoop, both are very do-able. Hampi is on my list to – definitely some time this year…

    Shubs, of these, you know japan is the most do-able now. go for it 🙂

    shoefi, that’s an interesting thought – a city or country in the past… but London seems so “familiar” even now thanks to these writers – i felt that way the first time I went there…

    Sunil, yes yes to both… I used to dream of Kenya but the flavor of the season is Tanzania!

  8. I have a strange fascination to the city of Mandalay though I know little about it. And taking a boat down the Irrawady to Rangoon is another think I would love to do..

  9. Hi…came across your blog on an internet search…by the way, thanks so much for the flickr link, by chance I am Italian like the photographer… anyway, you wouldn’t believe this, but I had the same exact feeling about Burma a few years back when I saw a tv documentary dedicated to Burma.

    Like you, I don’t think Burma will be on top of my list, anyway, I had that same feeling and think about it too sometimes… Also, I heard many taimes that, due to its political problems, Burmese people ask to tourists not to go to Burma.

  10. Neha, such lists are always endless 🙂 I meant the desperately want to visit now urge!

    Arun, yes that region is fascinating – and the more I see pics, the more I want to visit…

    Anu – your already visited are both on my URGENT list – *sigh* – maybe next year… and yes to Turkey!

    marged, thanks for dropping by! I used to think it was not very safe but people (esp photographers!) seem to be going there all the time – so i wonder….

    Sanjay, sure! don’t we all?

  11. Hi Itchy Feet,

    I have surfed your blog ….im really fascinated by the places u guys have travelled.

    I would like some suggestions……. i have some six days holiday on my hand.

    Please guide !!


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