July 13, 2024

St. Stephen’s church at Ooty

One of my quick halts at Ooty was at St. Stephen’s Church on the way to Charing Cross. I had been keen to visit the church ever since I had seen photographs of its lovely stained glass windows.

The church was almost empty but for a solitary worshiper on the last pew. The late morning light streamed in through the stained glass windows, making the colours come alive.

Here is some history: the foundation stone for the church was laid in April 1829 and it was opened for service two years later in 1931. The cemetery by its side holds the grave of many of Nilgiris’ Britishers, including John Sullivan, the founding father of Ooty town.

7 thoughts on “St. Stephen’s church at Ooty

  1. Really beautiful!! I remember seeing this church, but Mass was in progress went we went, so I had to satisfy myself with an ‘outside’ view.. Next time I am certainly going in!!

  2. John Sullivan is not buried at Ooty. Born 15 Januaryy 1788 – London. Died 16 January 1855 – St. Lawrence, Upton, Slough

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