July 13, 2024


So Jaipur is not just about the street snacks – though I’d be perfectly content to live on them all my life, hyper-acidity or not. There is also Lakshmi Mishthan Bhandhar. So I head there for lunch Sunday afternoon – and bravely, foolishly order the Rajasthani thali.

And it arrives. One look at it and I feel stuffed.

I share the table with this Taiwanese couple. After great inquiry and deliberation on what was in front of me, boy orders thali. Girl does not even look at the printed menu. She asks for mirchi bhajia.

Waiter directs smiles at her (patronizing – you poor firangi) and me (conspiratorial – these dumb firangis) and declares, that is very spicy – not for you. Girl calmly says she has been having it every day in Jaipur and can he please (wipe that smile off his face and) fetch it.

Waiter’s eyes pop out in disbelief. Food arrives. Boy and girl proceed to tuck into their food with great nonchalance. I struggle after the first baati is downed with the thick daal.

Much fun is had. Much food is consumed. A lovely lunch, in all.

3 thoughts on “MB at LMB

  1. That sounds so familiar! Thalis may be tasty… of course they are… but they are certainly not for me… i am stuffed with the appetizers and can never do justice to the main course!

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