February 23, 2024

City of hope or despair?

Bombay no longer a city of hope? asked a couple of people at this blog after reading Once was Bombay?. To me, Bombay will always be the city of hope (not so sure about Mumbai though, if you know what I mean)… Where people come to make a living – whether from Bihar to be a coolie at Bombay Central or from UP to drive a taxi or from Gajraula to be a film-star… where between Mahalakshmi and Siddhi Vinayak – and Haji Ali, people believe that the gods ensure they who come to this city rarely go away disappointed….

And here Uma writes about the collapse and decline of the city (with interesting links as usual within the posts – do read End of the Mumbai dream by Samar Halarnkar)….

The city evolves, says Dheepak – meaning the old must make way for the new…. But if this is progress, then leave us alone, I say…

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