February 22, 2024

Food? Or art? Or religion?

Street food, in fact, all food in India can be so colourful and interesting… Here is some arty street food from Amber, Jaipur. Photograph clicked from elephant-back…

Food art

And here is one for the sheer dazzle and striking colours… Carrots so fresh they hurt the eye… From Mahabaleshwar…


5 thoughts on “Food? Or art? Or religion?

  1. I like this photo blog….some really nice pictures here.
    I just wonder how you manage to juggle so many blogs all at once!

  2. You write very well and the pictures are so alive!. Please do write travel books.
    I like the way you have chosen the spots , not so famous, maybe it will become once people read your blogs/ book 🙂

    Thanks for giving us a courful view of our country

  3. Sunil, thanks 🙂 I had ample time on my hands till recently. but not so sure now… will try updating them as often as psosible though

    vetrimagal, thanks! colour is one thing you will see in everything and everywhere in India… and it’s a joy to capture them on camera…

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