February 22, 2024

On and of the road

Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,

Healthy, free, the world before me,

The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.

—Walt Whitman – Song of the Open Road

The open road

Sometimes… the road takes you far far away, sets you free, lets you explore, allows you to discover… yourself.


They let you get away. From the smoke and the dust. From the noise. From the heaviness in your heart.

My flickr icon - the road ahead...

Sometimes, they take you home… after a long tiring day. When you just want to not think about the hard journey but the warmth that lies at the end of it.

Sometimes you walk with a spring in your step, head looking up, mind looking ahead. Or with your head bent. Counting the concrete squares on the pavement. Noticing the way the water creeps into the tiniest cracks on the side. And try to forget.

Often, you stand in front of two. Or more. And wonder which way lies happiness. Fulfilment. Which way is just the right one? And even long after you have chosen, you never know…

Country roads, take me home...

They tease and tantalise… and constantly surprise… what is in store at the turn?

Song of the open road

The sun high above your head. The wind on your cheeks, sometimes the raindrops on your hands… You walk, drive, smell the flowers and the fumes and find your destination in the company of a friend.

And then sometimes, you walk alone…

Umbrella man

Is it any wonder then that I love being on the road?

2 thoughts on “On and of the road

  1. Hi Itchy Feet

    Landed on your blog, blogrolling. Liked your road blog immensely. Love the post ‘on and of the road’. A fresh new perspective about getting out and being on the road. I have always been fascinated with biking on the roads…Narrow, Wide, Paved, Unpaved, Day, Night, Sunrise, Sunsets…..so on…Will keep coming back…

    Rock On

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