June 5, 2023

Sunset over Pichola

If you happen to be in Udaipur and someone recommends the ropeway ride (someone is sure to, locals are so proud of it), take their advice. I almost did not. Bah, ropeway, tourist trap.

Well, that it is. But it also a wonderful experience – not the cable car trip per se but the view from the top. The best time to make the trip is late in the evening just before sunset. All Udaipur stretches out before you, the sun slowly sets over the hills in the distance, someone up there opens the tap of multicolour ink on to the sky, a range of colours from pink to orange via purple and the lights across the city get switched on, the Jag Mandir and City Palace sparkle on the darkening canvas.

Family next to me on the cable car are visiting from Jaipur – the matriarch says, “This is so nice, what does Jaipur have, nothing, not even a cable car.” Indeed. What does Jaipur have.

From the top, I look longingly at the Taj Lake Palace – I call my husband in Bangalore and said, “I know where we are going for our 20th anniversary.” Husband asks (rightly) if that was not too far away to plan – we complete ten years early April. My reply, “yes, but we need to save up for the next ten years to be able to afford a few days there.” Deep sigh. By then, the prices would probably have escalated so much that even ten years of savings may not fetch us three nights there. Deeper sigh.

Till then, if I am ever in that city, I will be content to go up the cable car to watch Udaipur twinkling its beautiful eyes at me from a distance.

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  1. Nice pics, nice post.

    Just a thought: I originally wanted just to “like” your post. But wordpress wants me to log-in to ‘like’. Does wordpress always behave this way? 🙂

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