September 28, 2023

Friday photo: Chettinadu

Friday photo? So naff. I know. But here’s the thing – I figured I may as well make sure I post something on this blog atleast once a week – although yes, just uploading a pic is cheating but no, you are not allowed to say it. So I put up a pic with the name of the place where it was shot. And I would love, love it if you add the words, phrases and images that come to your mind immediately in the comments section.

10 thoughts on “Friday photo: Chettinadu

  1. What a beautiful shot!
    What came to my mind immediately on seeing the pic – colours, light, reflections.
    I don’t know anything about Chettinad except that it has great spicy food. 😀 Would love it if you could do a post about how to get there and what are the things one could do/see there.

    1. am working on a story for a magazine – in fact, had gone there for that.should come out by Jan – watch this space 🙂
      (and I can’t keep calling you the Girl Next Door – please please email me your name – I promise not to use it here but I desperately want to know)

  2. The building looks beautiful alright with its large mirrors, but when it is Chettinad, the only thing my mind can think of is food…nothing beats their kal dosai, vettai kozhambu and karai kozhambu. The non-veg have more exotic options, but as a veg, I can absolutely eat this food every day.

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