October 4, 2023

Sin and the city: street snacks in old Delhi

And if all the oil and spice of parathewaligali has not left you sated and/or with heart-burn, walk on…

As you walk out of Chandni Chowk station towards parathewaligali, ignore the Haldirams on your right. Or not. Of all things to eat in Delhi, I found their khandvi of the rare melt-in-the-mouth variety. So Stop there for a quick snack or two. Or head on to unhealthier things.

Chutney in a previous life

There was some news a couple of years ago about street snack stalls in Delhi facing the chop but nothing came of it finally. So now there are the samosas and kachoris, the moong and mirchi pakoras, the fried papad (especially in winter), the fruit and alu chaat.

Spicy snacks

Fried papad

Pineapple chaat

End with a dessert of nankhatai biscuits…


And finally the lassi, to wash down – sadly not away, all the sins… Or in peak summer, nimbu paani.

The lassi lad

Nimbu paani

I am not enough of a Delhi person to tell you where to go for what – I know people who insist on eating kachori only at a particular place and then walking a few hundred metres for the next thing – me, I just stop where the eyes and nose lead me – and the camera. And then all those sari shops and sign-boards along the way. But that is another post in itself…

6 thoughts on “Sin and the city: street snacks in old Delhi

  1. Delhi always has variety of snacks… even the roadside food.

    And the photos are nice, we tend to ignore the most common things on the road. You have captured them well.

  2. Charu loved your post…..I’m normally too lazy to comment but here I was compelled to ! LOVED the pictures !

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