February 21, 2024

Mumbai Diary 2010

From Jerry Pinto’s lovely introduction to Mumbai Diary 2010, based on the theme of Mumbai at work – Fourteen million people on the tiny finger of land pushing its way cockily into the sea? It’s room enough to get lost in but Mumbaikers refused to get swamped. We know that the only chance is to be seen and to be heard and to work that tiny patch of pavement into a mansion. The man unloading the truck then takes on the air of a sultan, surveying his domain. The man selling snake oil looks you in the eye and promises you a new life where you want a new life. They know they have a place in the world.

There are some stunning images of people at work – knife grinders, ear wax cleaners, tattoo artists, street performers, fisherfolk, window cleaners, chaiwalas – all of them make an appearance in this diary. A couple of my photographs are part of this superb diary.

And here are some more of my ‘Mumbai at work’ images…

At Sardar Pav Bhaji near Bombay Central

Work in progress

This could be anywhere in India, the street acrobats – this family lives and performs near the Kala Ghoda area.

Rings of fire

Rings of fire

A fine balance

great weight on her shoulders...

This one is from Crawford market – the coconut vendor moonlighting as mobile phone card salesman…

Coconuts and connections

Coconuts and connections

And finally one of my favourites – from Juhu beach one rainy evening last August…

Blowing in the wind

Colored water, colorless bubbles

Also read this piece on CNNGo’s Mumbai edition on the Mumbai Diary.

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