February 26, 2024

Chilling in the heat in Sindhudurg

Here is a plug for what I think is a worthy cause – Culture Aangan is a Bombay-based NGO that works in the Sindhudurg region – they have homestays and several women’s self help groups. I recently spent a few days at the Pitruchaya homestay in Shirgaon near Devgadh and want to tell you all about it…

A lazy relaxing time at Pitruchaya homestay, home of the shy but friendly Lokes – at Shirgaon in Sindhudurg district. Quiet unknown beaches, Padagar waterfalls, Vaishali’s home cooking – those modaks, the cashew curry and the solkadi… for the non vegetarians, the fresh fish and the stuffed chicken, starry nights and sunny days…

Vaishali's thali

The home is in the middle of nowhere – or so it seems – despite the fact that it is bang on the state highway that leads to Devgadh. You cross the tiny market of Shirgaon and drive for another 2 minutes and there, in isolated splendor, Pitruchaya stands welcoming visitors.


There are two rooms on the ground floor, done up with great taste in the way of all Culture Aangan homes, using bamboo and other natural materials. The open aangan or courtyard leads to the kitchen and the garden behind the house. And the pillars painted by the same artist who has painted the trees in the Pinguli Arts Complex, a nice touch.

The living room


But the best room is the one on the terrace – well ventilated and breezy. This is far, far away from the madding crowds and the terrace is wonderful at night; the cool breeze, the mysterious sounds of darkness and a million stars.

The terrace room

terrace bedoom1

terrace bedroom2

And here, the pièce de résistance is the bathroom on the terrace – with a huge bathtub and open to the elements in a way that is utterly relaxing, yet private and secluded.


The garden is large and right now, running a bit wild – but here, we sit up in the mornings spotting birds and other fauna – we even have a regular visitor in the form of a garden lizard. And late in the night, dinner over and feeling completely sated, we sit on the terrace under the open star-lit sky. Till the breeze and the good food lulls us into sleep.

Back of beyond

6 thoughts on “Chilling in the heat in Sindhudurg

  1. Oh.. gosh.. Im missing the sea and food so much…

    You should not have posted the Thali pic… I will not be able to concentrate on anything.. 🙁

    Staying here in Canada for around a year and half now and Ratnagiri (next to Sindhudurg) being my native place, i realise how much of natures beauty we take for granted..

    If theres something called Heaven some of it is here in Konkan.. 🙂

  2. good stuff Charu … so happy to miss similar sights like TV’s in the pics … will keep in mind when thinking about escapes from Bombay.
    Open air bathrooms was a novel concept we experienced in SA … kinds spooky with wildlife around but you eventually get used to it

  3. Venky, yup, next time you guys are in Bombay 🙂 – but you’d be surprised how many people think homestays are not good – because they don’t have A/C, TV / swimming pool – bleh!

  4. Poor fellas. Dont know what they are missing. Take a breath of the air and you will know the difference. The A/C, TV & Swimming pool leaves you a bit synthetic and gloomy because you can get it anywhere. Homestays are not for the spectator variety of tourists, but a more interactive tourism where you become a part of the local culture and nature nd get to relish truly authentic cusine right from the land where it originates. It like having Chinese food ion China, or Punjabi food in Punjab.

    The so called Punjabi food which is dished out in the food outlets in Mumbai etc are a pathetic version of the original Punjabi cusine.

    Like we were treated with Solekadi – I wish to call it SOUL KADI – (the malvani digestive) as an appetiser, in one of the lavishly presented – Original Malvani Restaurant.

    So people – get yourself down here and be in for a pleasant surprise.

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