May 19, 2024

KR market: Bangalore markets series

Welcome to KR market, locally known also as city market… Named after the king Krishnarajendra Wodeyar, this is one of Bangalore’s oldest markets.

Going nuts

The highlight of the city market (for me, definitely) are the flower vendors – lording over the pinks and oranges and yellows, jasmine, marigold and kanakambaram, coils and coils of pure white. Activity in this part of the market starts well before dawn, and the area bustles with shoppers, both wholesale and retail. And by the time the sun rises and the day gets hot, these vendors are ready to wind up their day’s work.

Coils of pink

In the flower market, this lady is a rock star… everyone I know who visits city market with a camera comes away with her picture. Except that I am told I got lucky – she actually favoured me with a smile!


Just along the flower sellers are the vegetable vendors, usually with creative small piles of their specialty vegetables…

Who will bell these peppers?

tic tac toe

Walk inside the market to see another side of trading – more nut and dried fruit vendors, sellers of fresh peas and broad beans, vendors of lemons by the dozens – and a row of shops with wholesale pooja items – intricate flower umbrellas, framed pictures and mountains of kumkum in brilliant colours…

Kumkum colours

And just down the road, on the other side are the flower sellers from whom the city florists buy their stuff – the daisies and roses and all the other pretty flowers that sell at five times they cost here…

If life were a bed of roses...

Door delivery

Then there are the other professionals – like the parrot-card-fortune reader (kili josiyam in Tamil) and the knife sharpener. Not to mention the odd music band.

What's in the cards for you today?

Band Baaja

Head there early in the morning – read before 6 a.m to get the best experience of City Market.

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9 thoughts on “KR market: Bangalore markets series

  1. What a riot of colours! I love the bright and colourful turmeric, kumkum heaps – and they smell so good …

    Is this a Koyembedu equivalent?

  2. Beautiful post. Very colourful. I have never been to Bangalore. Must say you have shown me the inside of Bangalore in a very beautiful way. With my cup of tea you made my day. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great pics with a great narrative. I have been to this mkt a few times and your photo essay brought back memories.

  4. Uma, this is a wholesale market – flowers, veggies, puja items – and truth is, I have never been to Koyembedu!

    smita, thank you – glad you enjoyed this walk 🙂

    Lakshmi, tell me when – I am always ready…

    Sachin, glad, mate!

    Suman, thank you – I’ll be happy to show you around Bangalore if you ever visit 🙂

    Gopal, I am sure there is – I wanted to stop and click every single display there…

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