July 13, 2024

Friday photo: Alphorning

A couple of weeks ago, I learned to play the alphorn in a small village in Switzerland. Okay, learned to play is way exaggerating what I actually did – which was, learned to blow into the alphorn to produce what sounded like a musical note. To a very generous ear. Great fun (to me, not to the listeners). Greater fun, listening to Werner Erb (the bearded one) and his friends play effortlessly for a good fifteen minutes.


Listen to him play Amazing Grace here…

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5 thoughts on “Friday photo: Alphorning

  1. Hi Charukesi,

    I have been to your 2,3 times before. Today morning, when i was reading the newspaper, The HINDU, I saw this picture and as your name was mentioned there, immediately recalled that pic is taken from here.

    Congratulations for getting 1 more work published.

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