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Friday photo: Reflections

It is almost impossible to choose one favourite among the dozens of stunning landscape images I have from New Zealand. But for now, a pic of an unexpectedly beautiful spot we came across near the Franz Josef glacier. There were several hikes near the glacier, of varying lengths and difficulty levels – and of course, we chose one of the easiest initially. This route led us to Peter’s Pool…

Peters Pool

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Friday photo: Kathakali

Kathakali means a story (katha) told in the form of a play (kali). A mix of classical and folk dance forms, Kathakali is originally from the Malabar region of Kerala and goes back to the seventeenth century. Everything in Kathakali is exaggerated and larger-than-life – the music, the make up and the gestures – and the desired effect is sheer drama.

Read more about this fascinating arts form here – A story in dance (especially the bit about make up)


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Friday photo: Golden

The last few weeks have been one long crazy travel spell – but I am not complaining, since winter is the best time to take off from Delhi to these nearby weekend destinations.

The last weekend was a quick trip to one of my favourite places, Amritsar. It turned out to be more of a food journey than anything else (post coming up soon). But we also spent a lot of time at the Harmandir Sahib, just watching people and being moved by the strength of their faith.

This week, an image from the temple at night…


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