Friday photo: seaside village

I left a bit of my heart behind in Portugal – on a recent two week road trip through the south of Spain and Portugal. Spain was lovely, but we knew what we were in for. But Portugal, so unexpectedly delightful! Gorgeous views, friendly people, soulful fado music, and oh, that stunning Azulejo tile art…

So, this Friday, a view of Azenhas Do Mar, a seaside village close to Lisbon – and if this does not make you want to pack your bags for Portugal right away, I don’t know what will…

Friday photo: Shark

I don’t usually post personal photos on this blog – but this one is special. I have a crippling fear of water (we are talking swimming pool terror here, and five aborted attempts to lean swimming).

So, when I was in Dubai recently and came to know that I was booked to go on this shark safari, I was excited and terrified in equal measure.

This is an underwater walk with the fish, sting rays and of course, the sharks – in other words, the thrill of diving, without actually diving into the ocean. And I am so glad I did it. After the initial seconds of panic, I relaxed and let go of my guide’s hand. And when the fish started swimming right by my face, I couldn’t stop smiling.

My Friday photo this week, from this incredible shark safari…


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