September 30, 2023

Ladies Special

I came across this bit in a travel magazine recently about rooms for female travelers at the Movenpick Hotel in Hanoi. Sounded interesting. I have traveled enough on work and been alone at enough hotels in strange towns to know what feels like to hear that random knock on the door in the middle of the night. Perhaps there is some extra comfort, security, convenience – something – in these rooms for women. And so I read on.

So what do these rooms ‘revamped exclusively for women who travel on business’ offer? They come with extra make-up mirror, high-powered hair dryers and make-up removal kits.

And in one stroke, the needs of a bunch of ambitious, intelligent achievers who happen to be women have got equated to putting on and taking off make-up?

One thought on “Ladies Special

  1. I know – its really sad (and demoralising) to learn about these ‘ladies special’ rooms.

    but kudos to your blog – really enjoy your writing:)

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