October 4, 2023

Memories of Ladakh

This is the scene of confluence of the sparkling blue-green Indus with the muddy blue-brown Zanskar near the tiny village of Nimmo, just a hour’s drive from Leh in Ladakh. The two mighty rivers merge at this point, and flow on as the Indus. It is a popular spot for rafting among visitors and falls on the way from Leh to the ancient monasteries of Alchi and Likir, and Lamayuru further ahead. I think it is one of the prettiest spots in Ladkah.


This is one of the images that was recently displayed at a photography exhibition at the Alliance Francaise Bangalore. This is the other:


A day spent by the shores of Pangong Tso (‘tso’ for lake in Ladakhi) is one of the highlights of a trip to Ladakh. The lake changes colours by the minute, hundreds of shades of blue, dictated purely by the whims of the sun at that time. Pangong is a salt water lake situated at an elevation of over 4250 meters (13900 feet). It stretches on for 134 km, at its widest no more than 5 km, and over 2/3rds of it lies in China.

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