February 26, 2024

Today’s Yummies

Spotted on the streets of Leh:

I spent hours and hours walking in Leh, up and down the narrow market roads, chatting with the street vendors, stopping for coffee and snacks at the German Bakery, watching people and generally having (my idea of) a perfect holiday. After those alluring road signs all over Ladakh, what I loved most were these signboards in front of restaurants in Leh. Most restaurants were still shut for the off-season months when we were in Ladakh (this May) but the ones that were open called out to tourists with these inviting boards.

I mean, how, just how, can anyone resist those sexy Thai soups and Lazy Italian pastas? But here is the thing, what exactly makes a soup sexy? Why then can’t they add that to their noodles and curries too?

In another context, I had blogged cribbed about the Lonely Planetization of travel (food, specifically) – but signboard-spotting can still be great fun.

Some of them, though, like this one, start with great promise (Banana fat?!) but get all sober and correct by the time they end…

8 thoughts on “Today’s Yummies

  1. i have never really noticed the boards outside restaurants while travelling…. esp since i am the ‘thayir saadam’ kind, and all my son needs is plain rice and dal 🙂 but i totally agree with what you say in the other article about not getting local food… esp rajasthan… i have had rajasthani food in bbay, but only punjabi in rajasthan! its a pity…

  2. Anu! how can you eat thayir saadam when you travel?! I look for local food – and most often , in India, find “Punjabi” or “Chinese” or “Continental” 🙁

    Sankara, yes, especially the momos!

    1. Charu, of course, i look for local food, but then, most of the time, it isnt so easy to find it, is it? its easier to find some chinese food rather than proper ‘local’ stuff… so thayir saadam is the standard stand by…. since rice and curd (at least in some recognizable form) are available everywhere!

  3. Ive had the best macroni and cheese in a make shift shack/restaurant in Hampi in 2000 ..same place also served African thaali..pity I didnt have camera then

  4. If im not wrong, the first pic of The World Garden Cafe in Leh market…coz i remember seeing this menu board… had the worst food experience here, garnished with loads of attitude, especially for the Indian tourist. Had to walk out.

  5. Lakshmi, that’s the whole point – macaroni and cheese in Hampi but nothing close to local food!

    Anu, true – thayir saadam is safe and easy to find 🙂

    Shuchi, the board says Zen Garden Cafe – but I know what you mean – this negative attitude towards local tourists is everywhere – Rajasthan, Ladakh, Goa – sad!

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