February 23, 2024

The Holi brunch

Holi haiIt’s just a couple of days after Holi; the colour and chaos have settled, the high of the bhang is lost in the humdrum of the weekday and the three-plus hour brunch at JW Marriott seems a distant memory. When I reviewed the JW Marriott a few months ago for a travel magazine, I wrote, “Any Bangalorean will tell you that one of the city’s biggest assets is its perennially pleasant weather. And the newly opened JW Marriott Bengaluru—located on Vittal Mallya Road between the verdant Cubbon Park and the upscale shopping and entertainment hub, UB City—is all set to make the most of it.” What I had in mind, above all, was the Sunday brunch – with the alfresco seating looking out on to the open spaces of Bangalore (give or take the high walls that assure complete privacy).


Summer vegetables
(Summer is here)

MezzeThis Sunday, husband and I finally made our way there, after a late and lazy start to the day. To our delight, the Holi theme was on: delicate pats of colours on our cheeks and then we were on. One of the things I need from Sunday brunches is a large spread – never mind that I end up pecking at a fraction of what is on offer but I like to feel that I have options. And the JW Marriott does not disappoint – I remember that from the Juhu hotel too. So, there were, of course, all the usual suspects, each at individual islands – soups, salads and mezzo (as an aside, I can live on mezzo all my life – there, you learnt one new thing about me today. Aren’t you happy?), pasta and Asian wok dishes, meat and sushi (I have marked the vegetarian sushi on my next-time list), Indian (again with a separate area for Indian vegetarian food). And a cornucopia of desserts. Just my kind of place.

And then there were the Holi specials – outdoor counters for chaat, pav bhaji, other salty snacky thingummies like Nachos and grilled vegetables, and of course, fresh gujiyas and jalebi.




To wash it all down, a delectable paan Martini. The Holi motif was carried on with thandai, a colouring area for children and all the waitstaff with daubs of colour on their faces. In all, a wonderful, slothful Sunday brunch – just the way it should be.

(The name’s Paan, James Paan)

(The Martini maker)


That apart, I like the small touches here – the space for children to play while parents brunch in peace (as if! but if bouncy castles, bow and arrows can’t do it, what can?), the attractive displays of spices and ingredients, the attentiveness of the staff and above all, this pickle shelf that caught my fancy the first time I visited.


All things good


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