May 19, 2024

A new Facebook page

So, what’s new on Itchy Feet? A brand new Facebook page, that’s what –


After years of resisting – how many places in social media can I manage – I finally succumbed to the pressure and set up this page. And now to find interesting content for it on a regular basis (apart from just my own writings, yawn). And more importantly, find people to “like” the page (right now, it feels like an orphan).

And here, dear friends and kind readers, is where you come in. Have you seen the page yet? If you have been a longtime reader of this blog, or just an occasional lurker, or even a one-time visitor who has strayed here through a keyword search, do check out the page and show your liking for it.

Please head there now and make the page a much-liked one, before I lose heart and decide to shut it down. Thank you!

A bit of trivia on the mysteries of social media: I obviously wanted to call my page ‘Itchy Feet’ to maintain consistency across my social media spaces – but Facebook refused it as being inappropriate. Ah, well.

14 thoughts on “A new Facebook page

  1. Stumbled upon your blog and I loved the introduction! Would be a shame to shut it down…now that you have begun it! Keep writing and am sure there are more like me out there who will do the needful 🙂

  2. How has the Facebook page helped, if I may ask? I have been avoiding it forever thinking that it will take a lot of time which I am already hopelessly out of 🙂

    1. Sorry for this long delay in replying. I have found a lot of new followers through the fb page, people who were most likely not regular readers of this blog – I post links from the blog there along with other interesting travel stories and it reaches many more people.

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