October 1, 2023

No camera, no see!

Mommeeeeeee, they are making fun of me…


{What the duck}

While on traveling with a camera, read what Neha Dara of HT says about us click-a-lots.

Me, I cannot even think of a holiday without a camera. However, while I am trigger-happy with the camera, it is seldom for the sake of saving that moment for posterity. It is just that I view my world through my camera’s view-finder and really enjoy that perspective that is unique to me at that moment. At that moment, I am not seeing the place as a traveler but as a photographer. I rarely take notes, preferring to let my photographs construct the story for me later when I want to put it down.

My problem with seeing through a camera is slightly different. Sometimes I return to find that while I have several pleasing shots of details (the little things only my camera saw), I do not have any “big pictures” – like the time I wrote something on the Lepakshi temple and found that I had *no* wide shot of the temple structure (and an inordinately large number of photographs of the intricately carved pillars) or the natya mantapa I wrote about (whereas I had clear images of the peeling frescoes on the wall and ceiling!).

All that said, I have never felt (although my husband has, and has expressed it vociferously repeatedly) that the camera has ever taken away from enjoying the moment, but added a fresh way of seeing and experiencing it.

What do you feel about travel with and without a camera?

One thought on “No camera, no see!

  1. I agree, I just cannot imagine going on a trip without my camera. And they certainly do not spoil the moment at all, and in fact create better memories of the area.

    Our last vacation was to Mashobra and Simla in June, which is probably the worst month to visit the area, but since I took lots of photos during my morning walks and picnics, of pristine hills and thick forests, that’s what I’m going to remember in the years to come when I look back at the photos.

    Great post Charu!

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