July 13, 2024

He went to MP…

Remember the Hindustan ka dil ad I had written about a while ago?

*It starts off with Til dekho, Taad dekho, Aankhen phad phad dekho, Sher ki dahad dekho, Marble ka pahad dekho, Chanderi ki saadi dekho…. goes on for a whole minute – yeh dekho woh dekho… and finally hindustan ka dil dekho – marrying geography and history and culture and all the rest of it with one line. The heart of Incredible India*

There I was, writing about Madhya Pradesh, and dreaming of visiting the state (in the cooler months!)…

and here is Prashant, who runs the coolest chai ki dukaan in the world, writing about his trip to MP. And I did this and I did that… he says. And with stunning photographs that make me want to pack my bags and head to the heart of India. Now.

Go look.

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