September 26, 2023

Are you a travel addict?

Or should I even be asking this question, considering you are reading a travel blog? For traveholics? Named ‘Itchy Feet’? On a week day?

I came across 21 signs you are a travel addict and they had me at No. 1. “Your travel bucket list is 4 pages long.” Other people count down from 100 when they can’t get to sleep. Me, I spell out the countries I want to visit, drawing up detailed travel itineraries in my mind at 3 a.m. Sometimes I reach out for my smartphone to check for cheap fares but that’s not a detail I’m particularly proud of sharing.

That apart, my surest sign is that I am always planning my next trip when I am currently travelling. I often get angry looks for handing out small change in unrecognisable currency – Croatian kuna anyone? And I seriously judge people (there, I said it) who don’t travel (yes, yes, I know – money, kids, work, health, ho hum, yawn).

Now, if I can figure out how to fit my life into a giant backpack, I am all set.

Anyway. Much as some of would love to be on the move all the time, we cannot. Vagabondish helpfully suggests Six Ways to Prolong the Joy of Travel – so get cracking on these right away.

7 thoughts on “Are you a travel addict?

  1. I though, I was the only one who plans the next trip, while I am still on a trip. I though, I was a bit obsessive, but looks like I am normal, in the backpacker world, at least.

  2. He he. I am on the way to becoming dangerously addicted to travel. 🙂 I could identify with several traits from the ‘addicts’ list.

    Thank you so much for the other link. It is something I have often wondered about. Off to read it now.

  3. Hi. I came across your blog because of the tag itchy feet. I honestly like your blog and yes, I am also like you. Planning ahead while still on travel.. and that is how itchy our feet are. 😀

    I am planning to visit India sometime soon and your blog will definitely help. Thanks! 🙂

  4. wooowww. That sounds so much like me! Seriously…I check air-fares to random places at odd times and judge people who are caught up in the daily routine. Lol. Happy to find your blog.

    1. Glad you found my blog – and thanks for dropping by!I am always planning some travel or the other and really get itchy feet if I am home for too long 🙂

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