February 23, 2024

Many moods of the monks: playful

In monasteries, as everywhere else in India, cricket rules. Here, one chilly winter morning at Bylakuppe near Coorg in Karnataka, young monks are at serious play…

Cricket rules

Monks need some time off too. A couple of them here chewing thoughtfully on timepass moongphali, at Rumtek monastery in Sikkim…


Monks and mobile phones is a recurring theme in my monk-watching observations – at Namgyal monastery in Mcleodganj, this young monk was using his break time to – as I like to imagine – text his friends, or send in his vote for Indian Idol…


And finally, this photographer at Kala Ghoda, trying to take pictures of the vintage car rally – I stood watching him from a distance and was curious to see what he was clicking – but he suddenly turned and caught sight of me taking his photographs and walked away, with a slightly sheepish smile…


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